30 August 2015

Outrage-vertising - How brands are profiting from your hurt feelings.

Outrage-vertising hero

Sigh… People on Twitter are offended by an advert again. They’re outraged in fact.

At the time of writing it’s Australian wine company Premier Estates causing the ‘rage. At the time of editing it was James Bond author Anthony Horowitz who said Idris Elba was “too street.” Earlier this week it was people who couldn’t handle the sight of a shower at Auschwitz. Outrage is fickle.

Back to Premier Estates. They’ve just launched a campaign that alludes to lady parts. It features a clunkily executed visual metaphor and some Dapper Laughs level ad copy. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not George Lois either.

“Taste the bush” says the Premier Estates lady while a half-full wine glass approximates her nether region. She knows. Premier Estates know. Dapper knows. Cue outrage.


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