Introducing Essential Content
2 September, 2015

I know it’s traditional for your first post to be the ‘introducing’ blog and this is clearly blog three, but here it is nonetheless.

Let’s keep this short and sweet.

Essential Content is now a grown-up, fully functioning content consultancy. It’s even a limited company with shares and a limited company. Essential Content is mainly me (Sean O’Meara) but I’m assisted by a team of highly experienced professionals in PPC, development, design and content production. This way (hopefully), I can offer a little more to my clients when they need it without burdening myself (and them) with fixed overheads like salaries.

In the spirit of taking things seriously – as opposed to using the term Essential Content as a wrapper for miscellaneous freelance contracts – a new website was called for.

I won’t be using this blog to share musings (I hate that word) or to promote products or services, I’ll be using it to publish research related to our industry. Whether it’s research commissioned by us or by someone else, even competitors, I want the Essential Content blog to be a hub for insight and best practice in this emerging industry we sometimes, hesitantly called ‘content.’


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