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Financial services copywriting and content design (and any type of communication in this sector) require a specialised approach, powered by subject matter expertise, regulatory compliance and sector experience.

Organisations in the financial services sector do not have the luxury of allowing their creative partners to ‘learn by doing’ and giving them time to become experts.

Financial services providers need content that is compliant, accurate and effective. That means engaging genuine experts, with broad experience and subject matter understanding.


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Screenshot of quote from a financial services client. Quote reads: "Significant increase in output, no sacrifice in quality" "Essential Content has significantly increased the brand's content output without sacrificing quality. They do their due diligence to stick to the company's voice and always complete the work on time." Samuel Clennett, Wise Payments (formerly TransferWise)


"They make outsourcing stress free" "We found their sector expertise and commitment to user experience best practices very valuable. We particularly valued their understanding and application of regulatory and risk considerations. We value them highly, which is why we’ve asked them back multiple times to support our digital team. They make outsourcing stress free.” Becky Franks, Head of UX & Optimisation, Co-operative Bank


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Discover why leading financial services brands trust Essential Content


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Why – specifically – should you trust us with your hard earned reputation as a financial services brand?

We have a hard-earned track record for creating effective, behaviour-changing content.

That is necessary, but insufficient, when considering engaging a team of experts to influence how you communicate.

Here are 5 specific reasons to trust Essential Content to deliver impeccable financial services content.

  1. Experience that goes broad and deep

    Every member of your delivery team has direct and specific experience of working within the financial services sector. Our team has collectively delivered work for the following financial services brands; Aviva, Moneycorp, OFX, Citigroup, Scottish Widows, Legal & General, Aegon, PayPal, Allianz, Standard Life, Nationwide, Infinity Financial Solutions (Asia),,,,, AJ Bell, WPA, Delio, FXCompared,, Co-operative Bank, esure and Direct Line.In these contexts, we have delivered everything from full website rewrites and tone of voice overhauls to conversation design and app copy.

  2. Compliance culture and processes baked in

    With Essential Content as your partner, you effectively unlock the power of having an external compliance expert. As well as a demonstrable commitment to understanding and implementing the latest guidance from The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), members of our team have actually worked for and consulted to the FCA’s predecessor the FSA. Aside from this, we understand the importance of not only delivering work that is compliant, but in supporting your compliance processes and regulatory obligations in fostering processes that serve the goal of treating customers fairly and meeting Consumer Duty obligations.

  3. Seniority and client-side experience

    Members of our team have held senior roles within regulated financial services organisations like banks, lenders and insurers and bring that client-side experience to their contributions on behalf of Essential Content. This means that our team intuitively understands the dynamics and challenges faced by financial services providers, especially as they relate to creating new content, changing or updating content and marketing more generally. We don’t just deliver content, we advocate internally, influence stakeholders and provide guidance on systems and processes for getting the best out of your content operations and your content teams.

  4. User-centred approach

    In order to best serve our clients, we are fully committed to becoming strong advocates for their customers and users. This inevitably creates a level of tolerable friction as we push against established processes and ‘best practice’ (or what we call ‘best practice, so far’). Our team understands that the best outcome for our client is one where their customers have an improved experience, even if there are multiple internal processes and cultural reasons why this may see us swimming against the tide. Our clients trust us and expect us to challenge their thinking when it comes to how best to deliver a product or service. We have the confidence and experience to make recommendations that have a genuine business impact, while centering the user in all of our thinking and work.

  5. Exposure to elite processes and approaches

    We are fortunate enough to have worked with some of the world’s leading financial services providers, from legacy investment platforms to world-changing financial technology providers. This gives us an insight into how organisations at the very top of their game operate. And while we take confidentially very seriously, working with the world’s best financial services organisations enables us to adopt and share best practices. For example, clients in the go-to-market phase of their growth often find compliance processes challenging. We have been able to advise on new ways of working that we have learned from clients that have already been there and done it.

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