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Solving business problems with language

Are your users struggling to decipher complex information before completing a task?

We can fix that.

Are you looking to improve your brand’s relationship with customers in a certain cohort?

We can help.

Do you want more people to understand why they should use your products?

We’ve done that before.

Need some AI generated SEO articles to rank in Google?

Sorry. We don’t do that.

We do create SEO content, but we do it with our bare hands. Everything we do is created by humans, for humans.



What we do


Who we do it for

Some of our happy clients include:

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Image showing positive client testimonials from, Co-operative Bank and BBC


Why Essential Content?

There’s loads of great content writers and agencies out there, so why – specifically – might you choose us?

Here’s a few reasons:

Essential Content is proud of its experienced team of writers, content designers and strategists. They’ve been delivering work that attracts customers, improves reputations and changes behaviours for almost a decade.

Our team are adept at handling large, complex programmes of work, as well as providing agile and lean solutions to more common communication challenges.



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